Toronto Hip-hop artist Kavale drops his EP titled 'Genius'

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Earlier this week, KAVALE dropped visuals for 'I Know' and today he's given us a bigger gift- his highly anticipated EP, Genius. And that it, is. Genius.

In his debut EP, KAVALE gives other Toronto artists (yes, this one and this one) a run for their money. He starts off with a women's voice over on "Next Level" defining the word, 'Genius.' From there we see how KAVALE strives to become just that- genius. This 'Canadian Chill' rapper takes you on a journey through his life and the streets of the six.

In "The Thrill" featuring Daetrius Craig, KAVALE spits:

"We in the belly of the beast, that's ironic because we only trying to eat"


"They hate when they see you on the come up,"

talking about the rise to the top and the haters that bash you along the way.

The lyrics are real, the bars are clever and the production of these tracks make for one dope EP. His flow is not only smooth, but refreshingly easy to listen to. Genius makes you want to ride around around your neighborhood at midnight blasting these tracks, no matter where you live.


Born in 1991, KAVALE grew up in Toronto at a time when the city itself was coming of age. Kavale’s musical start was in a school choir, but he was a kid raised on Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z. That vocal contrast, that mixture of melody and rhythm, classic and modern, infused his work from the start. His music aims to inspire, to translate his emotions and implant them in the listener. Kavale is riding the crest of another wave of young artists itching to prove themselves, hungry to take the next step and bring their songs to the world.