Travis Scott's "3500" Was Originally For Kanye West

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Travis Scott lit up the summer with his singles "3500" and "Antidote". But did you know that the former was originally for Kanye West?

He explained in a new Billboard interview:

"'3500' was something that was supposed to be on the 'Ye album. Something I did in Malibu. And that beat sounded completely different. That hook came cause 'Ye put my verse in the ASR and chopped it up. That was going to be his single, but he was working on his album so long and my album was coming up, so I was like 'Yo, I wanna fuck with this.'"

West is featured on Scott's debut album Rodeo and the pair have been working together on the follow-up to Yeezus, SWISH.

"He’s coming with some shit soon. His album is crazy. I’m glad that n—a finally broke the code with Yeezus to make God-level music which is ill as fuck, bro. It’s super raunchy. He’s like my stepdad."

It's only a matter of time before Yeezus blesses us with SWISH. Hopefully it will close out this great year in music.