Trey Forever Premieres EP "92 Forever"

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Singer and songwriter Trey Forever has released new music, dropping an EP titled “92 Forever.”

It’s Trey Forever’s first complete project. The Missouri native has sprinkled loose tracks on his SoundCloud page over the past year, but “92 Forever” represents his full debut into the music scene.

The EP is nine tracks long and features Trey singing airily over trap-influenced beats, putting his personal spin on the new trend of morphing R&B, soul, and rap. The EP also includes one guest appearance from Toronto rapper Kavale, who recently dropped new music of his own.

The project carries a common theme of upbeat sound and energy, a direction steered expertly by Trey’s voice and emotion during the songs. Lyrically, the EP allows listeners to see inside Trey’s personality and individuality.

“This project for me means being honest with myself, my feelings and being true to me as a man and artist,” Trey said. He spoke about the the feel of the EP on Twitter.

Stream "92 Forever" below and feel free to comment on your favorite tracks!