LISTEN: Troop - "Riddle Me That" (Featuring Josias)

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Apparently, the emerging Hip Hop artist Troophas a niche. And no, it's no gimmick.

His newest single "Riddle Me That" puts the listener on edge, leaving a riddle on the table to solve.

Different, right? Very Nas-"Esque", in lou of his earlier creative works.



Troop tells the Fader:

"I created this song to focus on two topics and both are depicted in the riddles of the lyrics. I found that these two things have helped me in many ways during this thing called life and if used correctly they are the answers to one of life's most troubling questions, why does everything thats wrong make you feel so right."

"Riddle Me That" is complimented by Josias. Smooth, vibrant, aziatic & melodic.

Check it out below. Can you guess what Troop's riddle is?