Two Music Icons Birthdays Were Celebrated Yesterday: Nas & Amy Winehouse

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Two legends in their own right were born yesterday, Nas and Amy Winehouse have left a mark in music history.

Both careers are still cherished and looked at for inspiration even after Winehouse's passing.

Both artists have successfully managed to have their music played years after their releases, and Nas is still making movies while a Winehouse documentary just debuted over the summer.

With these two great artists, one would wonder what kind of music they could've created together.

Well it happened, Nas has a song called Cherry Wine featuring Winehouse. The song came out in October of 2012 (a year after Winehouse's death) off of his album "Life Is Good".

Nas is an American rapper, actor,and record producer, and is the son of jazz musician Olu Dara. Winehouse is an UK singer, songwriter, and gifted vocalist. He has released eight successful platinum albums and is always considered of the greatest rappers, while in only her short time.

Winehouse released two albums but received recognition after her album "Back To Black".

Together these two in this song give an old 1920's swing time feel with Winehouse's powerful voice while Nas is rapping, what seems to be an effortless flow.

Together these two just seemed to have a bond through music, even after her passing. Cherry Wine can be played for years to come.