TYDM Concludes #ThankYouTuesdays With "Patty Melt" Visuals

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In the last iteration of his #ThankYouTuesday series, singer and rapper Thank You Don Mo'Retti (TYDM) is premiering the visuals to his track "Patty Melt" right here on HYPEFRESH.

The song comes off "Moon Roof Condo," the EP he released last month. Every Tuesday since the release, TYDM has dropped a new moving art piece for a song off the project in a series called "Wavin' Motion Picture." Today's Patty Melt is the last Wave to be released in the series.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT8QULm1c_s]

"Patty Melt" was also the first piece of music TYDM published in the "Moon Roof Condo" release campaign. Last August, he released a music video for "Patty Melt" and since has amassed over 85,000 views on YouTube. Now, he ends the EP campaign with today's release of the new "Patty Melt" Wave; a fitting, cyclical end to the #ThankYouTuesday series.

I spoke with TYDM about about the meaning of "Patty Melt" and discussed the entire "Moon Roof Condo" campaign.

What is the purpose behind this track?
This was the first song I recorded for this entire project, and it was dope. I stayed inside and didn’t go anywhere for like 2 months just to make music, and I came up with that. When I first recorded Patty Melt, I knew from the start that I liked it.

For me, it’s also like a welcoming, opening statement on why I’m in music and what I hope to accomplish.

What were you trying to do with the video?
Originally, I had waves in the background. But then, I decided I needed something hot and I just thought lava. So, I went with those orange and red colors.

You co-directed a music video for “Patty Melt” last year. What’s the difference between that video and this new Wave?
With the video, I wanted it to be cold and dark. With the Wave, I wanted something different; a different vibe and a different temperature. That’s why I went with a really bright, warm feeling, so I could kinda change perspectives on the song.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLy4rf2GbOQ]

This is the last #ThankYouTuesday release. What are your takeaways from the general process?
This entire process has been a welcoming party, you know? It’s just like, ‘I’m in the building now, but y’all don’t even know.’ But, I’m not staying on this floor, I’m going straight to the elevator and cutting this party because my joint’s at the top.

What’s the vision like for your future?
Benjamin Franklin. He documented his entire generation and was the face of it; that’s what I’m trying to be. I want my next project to document this generation and I want it to be timeless music that’s gonna bring people back to this era.

What are some aspects of the release process you’re grateful for?
I’m just happy about the way people received it. We had a lot of people eager to work with me because they see the movement and they see what’s coming. And I’d like to especially thank the fans, who really embraced and loved it. Without y’all, there is no TYDM.