TYDM Drops Visuals for Adventurous "The Valley"

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With the release of another Wavin Motion Picture creation, artist TYDM continues to build, carve, and define his unique style and techniques. Today, the South Carolina native is sharing the visuals for song “The Valley,” another cut from his recent EP “Moon Roof Condo.” Featuring TYDM standing in front of vibrant, somewhat abstract background visuals, “The Valley” Motion Picture leaves the meaning and significance largely open for viewer interpretation.

Now two weeks old, the EP “Moon Roof Condo” gave TYDM an opportunity to outline the foundation of his music, message, and personality. To further flesh out those concepts and add more nuance and originality to his artistic vision, TYDM has kept innovation high with his Wavin Motion Picture releases.

On Sunday, I spoke with TYDM for the third time. We discussed the purpose of the imagery in “The Valley” visuals as well as analyzed his mindset after a few public weeks of “Moon Roof Condo.”

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What’s the message you’re trying to convey with The Valley’s imagery?
I think it’s all about the setting. I named the track “The Valley” to put it in a setting you can’t quite put your imagination on; that place could be anywhere. And in the Wavin, there’s just a lot of imagery of different places and scenery in Myrtle Beach that are out of the norm to people to hang out at.

The imagery fit the vibe of the song. I was just trying to generate a lot of out-of-the-norm places. The imagery is a lot more active because the song is an adventure.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdG1refe3Sw]What’s the significance of you standing and dancing in the foreground?
I think it’s perception. It’s me viewing and reacting to these different images from my perspective.

On Friday, you released the highly-anticipated Basqis Only music video. In general, what has the reception been like to that visual?
I like to learn from situations, and I’ve gotten a lot of responses so it’s good to see what people have liked and enjoyed from the imagery. I’m really motivated and having a lot of shoots and generating a bunch of ideas just to build from these releases and then create better ones.

What are some of the positives you can take away from the motion pictures you’ve released?
People actually like them. That means a lot. It feels crazy to make something that people like and people respect.

Any new perspective that you’ve gained as the project has aged over the past few weeks?
I realize people really like and enjoy my music. But I’m just gaining motivation through this entire situation, and I really want to focus on my fanbase and making sure they’re happy.