TYDM Premieres "Skurt Like Gordon"

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Fresh off the release of new EP “Moon Roof Condo,” artist Thank You Don Mo’Retti (


) is continuing to spread his creative vision to his fans. Today here on HYPEFRESH, the South Carolina native is premiering the visuals to “S.L.G. (Skurt Like Gordon),” a track off of the aforementioned project.

“S.L.G.,” the seventh song out of eight on “Moon Roof Condo,” features an atmospheric beat, intense flow, a smooth chorus, and — now — visuals. TYDM’s skill set appears consistently throughout the rest of his project, and the aftermath of the EP confirms that idea. “Moon Roof Condo” has seen a strong wave of streams on SoundCloud over the past and positive fan response to TYDM’s layered and original style.

Today’s "S.L.G." premier comes on TYDM’s #ThankYouTuesday, a weekly occasion where he shares a new moving art piece from his EP in a series called “Wavin Motion Picture.” Over the next four Tuesdays, TYDM will unveil the remaining four moving art pieces from “Moon Roof Condo.” Later this week, TYDM also plans to release visuals for another song off the EP, "Basqis Only."

On Sunday, I got a chance to spoke with TYDM. This time around, I spoke with TYDM about the vision for “S.L.G.” and the aftermath of the “Moon Roof Condo” release.

Let’s start with the purpose of your song “S.L.G.” Could you explain the meaning behind the song?

Well, for me, it means staying busy and making moves. Being very spontaneous. Whenever you make a successful move it’s like, “skurrttt!” That’s where I came up with the term. But I don’t want to really talk to much about it — I want people to watch it on their own and come up with their own interpretation of it, because it’s art. But I think people will love it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGQKjRQrQy4]

What emotions were you feeling when you wrote and created this song?

Just focus. This song is about perseverance and focus. It’s like, whenever certain type of bulls—t comes your way, you gotta skurt past that and keep going towards the overall goal.

Let’s move to “Moon Roof Condo,” which dropped last Thursday. Your thoughts on the days after the project release?

For the most part I’m happy and excited to see where it goes from here, because I know it can only go up. People have been giving good feedback and telling me their favorite songs; commenting and DMing me and everything. So I’m really happy to get this out there for people to really accept it.

Do you have still any attachment and closeness to the project you created?

Definitely man, I was actually nervous to put it out there for a while just because we’ve been perfecting it for a while. But after we’ve put it out I’m not really nervous anymore, I’m just happy to get it out to people because I’m comfortable and know it’s ready. I’m proud of it.

Last Tuesday, you held an art gallery in New York where you premiered the EP in “Wavin Motion Picture” form. Do you have any takeaways from that exhibit and the energy that was there?

It was nothing but love and positivity. And that’s what I want my galleries to be: people just really feeling the art in the air and feeling that spirit. Plus, people really loved us premiering music and visuals.

Later this week you are releasing the video to “Basqis Only.” What can you say about that track and sharing it to the people?

I think it’s one of the best art pieces we have on this project and so I’m really excited for people to see it. People really like that track and so I’m proud to give them a visual for it.

What are your plans for the near future now that the EP is released?

More galleries. We’re very visual, so we definitely want to display more galleries. There could also be more content soon. At this stage, we’re just looking to build and not slow down. It’s only getting bigger and better.


Watch TYDM's new release of "S.L.G. (Skurt Like Gordon)"


stream his debut EP "Moon Roof Condo" now on SoundCloud