TYDM Premieres Visuals for "Song B4 The Valley"

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Today, Thank You Don Mo'Retti��(TYDM) continues his weekly #ThankYouTuesday tradition by premiering the Wavin Motion Picture visuals to "Song B4 The Valley" right here on HYPEFRESH.

The track comes off of TYDM's debut EP "Moon Roof Condo," which the rapper dropped in late July. The moving art piece for "Song B4 The Valley" shows TYDM effortlessly rapping from inside an apartment, with grayscale and speed effects that add texture to the visuals.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7nc-l9ugDY]

This is another Wavin' Motion Picture release from TDYM, a series of motion images that accompany every song on the EP. All of the Wavin' visuals were shot on an iPhone, helping to capture a short moment during the song like TYDM mentioned during last week's #ThankYouTuesday.

I spoke with TYDM about the meaning of his "Song B4 The Valley" art piece and how the Wavin' Motion Pictures are created.


Could you talk about the purpose of this track?
There was more of a letter to your crush vibe on that song. This track was more of like, ‘I’m coming for you.’ The whole track is really centered around that energy.

Could you talk about the location and atmosphere of the visual?
That was shot in the legendary condo, where we were all just chilling at the time. And the shooting was very spontaneous and natural. That’s actually the place I got the inspiration for the song, so it’s very fitting that I did the Wave there.

How much of the visuals you shoot spontaneous? Or were a lot of them planned out and meticulous?
I think they’re all spontaneous. Like, I’ll just get into a scene and then be like ‘Pull out the camera, let’s get this,’ because I’m in some feeling or some scene that represents the track.

And are they shot in multiple takes? Or is it just one raw take you film for the Wave?
Really it’s just a raw take in the moment. The Wave’s purpose is to capture a moment; it’s like a wave you have to catch. And then the imperfections are what make the visuals original.