Tyler The Creator Says 'Smuckers' Was Originally For Kanye and Jay Z

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tyler the creator and kanye

Tyler The Creator's new album, 'Cherry Bomb', made the top five billboard chart in sales over this past week. Despite it dropping unexpected, this is Tyler's second top five debut of his career. Singles, 'Deathcamp' and "F*cking Young/Perfect' were the initial foundations to the new album.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Tyler broke down a number of collabs including "Smuckers" that featured Kanye West and Lil Wayne. This was most definitely the features that may have grabbed listeners attention while glancing at the tracklist. Ye and Weezy snapped on this track as if it was the lollipop remix from 2008. The Golf Wang leader sat down with Big Boy this week to talk about Kanye and Wayne's lyrical contribution.

“They know what era of them I appreciate, so they brought that onto the song,” says Tyler as he talks about the collaboration.  “It's just crazy to hear me going back and forth with Wayne. It's f*cking crazy." 

He goes on to further explain the process of the epic collaboration, saying that it original was sent to Jay Z and Kanye back in 2011 but was pulled back because he wanted it to have a bigger sound.

“They were going to use it, but I kind of took it back. I was trying to make horn sections and drum kicks that sound epic,” he says, “The second half is this jazz ensemble. I'm like, 'Oh my God, this is fucking amazing. Lil Wayne would sound so good over this.' I sent Wayne a reference of what I was going to put, and he sent me the verse back. I legit was about to cry.”

After getting Wayne on ship, he said that Ye was equally --if not more excited when hearing the track. “I played it for 'Ye at his house literally four days before the album was due. He was like, 'OK, I got to step my bars up. Y'all niggas is spitting.' It was such a sick thing to know that me and Wayne had to put 'Ye back on his feet. Like, what the fuck? I'm 24 years old. What am I going to look forward to at 30?”

Tyler, Ye and Weezy all come with their A-game in this track. This will be the song listeners will remember years from now.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axc_WEPTt8]