Hailing from Seattle, UMI is a rising young R&B/neo-soul artist. After her single 'Friendzone' was featured on the Fresh Finds Best of 2017 playlist, UMI started off 2018 by releasing her debut EP, 'Interlude', in January. Her song 'T-Shirt' was originally on the EP, however had to be taken down for sample licensing reasons. While the song can still be found as part of the EP on Soundcloud, UMI gives the track a new life in her self-directed music video.   

UMI Press Pic 1 (1)

UMI is content with being different. The 19 year old Seattle native is pioneering alternative neo-soul as her form of self expression. The authenticity of UMI’s artistry manifests in her honest lyrics and eloquent melodies, allowing her to connect with listeners on a personal level. The laid back energy of her lo-fi sound is a reflection of her personality - unique and nostalgic. Currently living in Los Angeles, UMI is pursuing her dreams of impacting culture through the shameless expression of her inner thoughts.

Experience the incendiary sounds above and stay tuned for more from UMI in 2018!