Valerie Reaper & The Keepers Prepare to Conquer the World of Music

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Making it big in the music industry requires determination, consistency, and of course, talent and Valerie Reaper and the Keepers meet all of said qualifications. Valerie Reaper and the Keepers is a three piece folk/rock band based in New York who plan on taking the music world by storm. Made up of Valerie Reaper (vocalist and guitarist), Jack Breslin (bassist), and Ross Liberti (drummer), this tremendous trio are making sure that they do everything in their power to make their biggest dreams become reality.

While the band recently formed in December of 2013, they have already made quite the name for themselves and have been building a great amount of momentum. In addition to playing shows throughout New York and here in Philadelphia, the band has placed 2nd in NY's Ultimate Singer/Songwriter Competition in January and just took first place in a preliminary round for a Boston-based battle of the bands last week (the finals are on the 20th). They've also performed their song, "Weighed and Wanting," for NBC's the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, and they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

We have some lofty goals! We want to open for some legendary acts. Not necessarily because they'd be good opportunities for us, but because sharing a bill with Billy Joel or the Decemberists would be a sublime and blissful experience and a lot of freakin' fun. We have our sights set high for the rest of 2014 and for 2015. We were too new to really crack the festival circuit this summer, but this winter, we'll hopefully be touring from Boston to DC and to Chicago. Next year, it's SXSW or bust! After that, we're hitting the festival circuit as hard as we can. Somewhere during that span, we'll be releasing our first full-length album.


I've seen Valerie Reaper and the Keepers perform twice so far, and each time, they put on a hell of a show. Their energy is always great, they consistently interact with the audience, and they always seem to enjoy themselves. Whenever you have some free time, be sure to use it wisely and check out one of their shows.

Be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to pick up their EP Cityscapes.