Vic Mensa: New Wave Vs. Old Vibe

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Vic Mensa is another artist coming from Chicago, but not like the rest. Vic started with a spunky, lyrical content which caught ears through one of his first popular songs "Tweakin" on the classic "Innanetape". He also brings a real life aspect when he speaks on his views coming from Chicago.
But, it seems that ever since Vic teamed up with Roc Nation, the music has a different feel. It's more rock influenced with heavy beats , aggressive delivery, and the crazy hair and tattoos. I can't say it's not doing good for him as he linked with Kanye West for " U Mad" and Skrillex on "No Chill". He has recently become very vocal & blunt about certain issues in the media & his personal life like the "beef" with his former friend Chance tha Rapper. He states they are in competition but, it's healthy which sort of relates to previous lines from chance "I'm still jealous of Vic & Vic still jealous of me ". Hopefully the two will get over it and contribute to those "Save Money" collaborations we like. He also just shared a new 7 track EP "There's Alot Going On" which is preluding for his debut album.