Victoria Monét - Nightmares & Lullabies: Act II EP

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victoria monet nightmares and lullabies

L.A. singer and songwriter Victoria Monét is stepping into the spotlight now with her Nightmares & Lullabies: Act II EP, after writing for Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Jordin Sparks and collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly, B.o.B and Nas.

The first act of Nightmares & Lullabies, which was released late last year, included Ty Dolla $ign and B.o.B.

"Nightmares & Lullabies is a metaphor for the juxtapositions one's life can display - bad days versus the best ones and how they can play off of each other," Monét explained to Billboard. "My voice represents the lullaby, and the tribal undertone in the music is dark like a nightmare."

Monét built the momentum over the past month, sharing several singles including her luscious track "High Luv'" Executive produced by Tommy Brown, the EP has the L.A. via Sacramento artist at her most innovative, with her dreamy vocals and nostalgic lyrics sitting atop production by Brown, Travis Sayles, and Mr. Franks. "As crazy as this sounds, the EP makes me feel like a mother," Victoria says. "Strict with standards, protective and critical, but proud and anxious to share the beauty of it. It's in my blood, my DNA, my soul."

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