Blitz the Ambassador, 'Success'

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Honestly, Blitz The Ambassador is correct. Success is the best "payback".

So when they tell you that you ain't, but you know that you are /
When they tell you that you can't, but you know that you can /
Just remember, success is the best payback. Success is the best payback /
Yup, so put your glass up, we made it this far. Waving that rag or queen black star /
No matter who you are success is the best payback /

Blitz, thank you for telling it straight. The lyrics quoted above is what graces the hook on this classic hip hop record. What better vengence than success? You don't have to physically hurt anyone, or slander any names... Just become successful, and the look on the hataz faces will change drastically. Point, blank - period. "This is dedicated to the nonbelievers, the ones who forever thought we'll be underachievers..."

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