Dynamic Equilibrium, 'Dear Father'

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Let's admit... We all have questions for our creator in the reserves of our minds.. Right?

How and why are we here on Earth? Alive and roaming this vast world freely? Dynamic Equilibrium's spin on these natural curiosities are embedded in each lyric this track has to offer to the people. And honestly, they pose very great questions in these verses.

In Dynamic Equilibrium's latest visual aesthetic for their single, "Dear Father", it brings to light many of the issues that our communities are facing; all while questioning God's reasoning for allowing such evil to be imposed upon us. The video also serves as a tribute to all those who have fallen victim to police brutality; and those who are currently experiencing the turmoil in Ferguson, MO.

Check out this awesome piece and visual, and don't forget... Leave your questions and comments in the box below after enjoying this one.

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