VIDEO: TheBulBey Drops 'Where Im From" (Ft. Davon)

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Wherever you were raised up, whether the Suburbs or the Slums, you had to take the good with the bad. Many people hate to admit that, but it's the honest truth. There are some who embrace their home turf, whether it's elaborate or piss poor. Where you're from doesn't define who you are, it just simply adds to your story.

TheBulBey tells his story about growing up on Philadelphia streets and witnessing some crazy, absurd behaviors, circumstances and people. And thankfully, he added a nice humorous twist to take the edge off of the harsh realities. A few months back, HF® talked to TheBulBey, where he hinted the release of this video dropping in the near future. Accompanied by talented & lyrical MC guest from NJ - Davon, the dynamic duo perfectly illustrate what parts of world they're from and the perils of the neighborhoods they were born and raised.

A definite must listen for the fan of creative Hip Hop. Instrumentalhandcrafted & produced by HYPEFRESH®'s very own,  @CLKKennedyVideoskillfully shot and edited by @AceSameDNA. Please show your love & support for TheBulBey & Devon by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below.