Vinnie DeWayne Paints A Mona Lisa Of Struggle In 'St. John's Scholar'

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After a year of hard work and dedication, Portland artist Vinnie DeWayne drops his highly anticipated mixtape St. John's Scholar.

This project provides food for thought, nourishing the mind and soul of avid hip-hop lovers. The story of struggle and hardships was so eloquently woven into the spoken verses of Vinnie that it was neither intrusive nor preachy.

It reminds me of the times of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, days where lyrics took the forefront with the beat complementing it. Because of this, tracks like "Page 37," "Envy," "Easy," and "No Where" curbed my longing and craving for music like the aforementioned.

So, if you aren't familiar with Vinnie, than this project is a great introduction as he paints a lyrical picture of what life is like in St. John's, developing a relatable Mona Lisa of struggle.

The essence of this "universal struggle" theme came together with the use of soulful beats, deep and personal narrative, and an awareness that the young scholar has about the world around him.

With spins on Eminem's SHADE 45, over 100,00 Youtube views before #TSJ dropped, recognition from Rap Radar, Vibe Magazine, and more -Vinnie DeWayne is quickly becoming a force in the music scene.

Try to keep yourself grounded because, you may be blown away by this project.