VNCHY Wants To Know, Are You "Down With Me"?

VNCHY drops gritty new single, 'Down With Me'
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VNCHY drops gritty new single, 'Down With Me'

It's something about the new gritty sounds in music that the urban kids of today can relate to. 19-year-old Congolese-Canadian emcee VNCHY seems to be hip to this fact as he releases his latest offering, Down With Me. This track was produced by the genius likes of Prezident Jeff, who's credits range from artists such as Little Simz, Kevin Gates, & more.

The lyrics embedded into these flows introduce VNCHY's edgy yet boastful personality.

"VNCHY is more than just a pseudonym, it is a title - a declaration of ascendance in self understanding and self worth," explains VNCHY, who admits that he's always been fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci. "As an artist I tend to create alternate realities through my own experiences, as well as my peers. These realities feel somewhat dreamlike in a sense, from the lingering emotion of my first love, to the drunk eerie nights cruising around Toronto or even waking up in a Los Angeles penthouse with my closest friends."

The raw style & gritty vocal quality allow VNCHY's music capacity to flourish unlike any other. Listen here to his latest, Down With Me.