Von Alexander - Came Up

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Von Alexander’s latest release "Came up," presents a hard, trap heavy track with producer DMND.

When the beat dropped, I automatically knew that this song would be added to my turnup playlist. With the classic trap beats and heavy bass, DMND creates a great backdrop of sound for Von's lyrics, explaining how he "Came Up."

His lyrics tell the story of staring from the bottom and making it to the top, as well as dealing with haters who “act like this is such a surprise."

His message gives motivation and encouragement, explaining that even if people don’t believe in you, you can make it. However he also gives the message of himself, acknowledging his skill, as well as the rappers who’s “game last as long as an hourglass”. He belittles his haters, and also his competition in the rap game.

This Wisconsin rapper is starting 2015 heavy, and sending the message that he’s ready to show everyone what he's got.

"Came Up" is presented by Fete and also featured on their just released 1AM compilation album.