Wale Responds to J. Cole with "Groundhog Day"

Following J. Cole's apparent jab at the rapper in "False Prophets," Wale issues a response in his new track "Groundhog Day."
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"I'm heavily flawed but far from a false prophet," Wale proclaims in the opening lines of his new track "Groundhog Day." Released via SoundCloud over the weekend, the song comes in response to J. Cole's recent dig at him and other rappers in the buzz-worthy track "False Prophets."

With criticism of his desires for acclaim and recognition from the public and critics alike, Wale fires back in "Groundhog Day" addressing J. Cole's subliminal shots. Comparing himself to boxing greats Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor, the rapper maintains a boastful attitude while declaring to be "the most highly underrated [rapper] of [his] generation."

Wale directly addresses his long-time friend J. Cole and even alludes to the differences in their career tracks and ascent to stardom, specifically in the lines "I remember me and Cole would open up for Hov/ Everyday a star is born, I guess I died in the womb/ I aint make it on Blueprint, so made me a blueprint/ You got you a nice watch, my minutes was finished."

Despite the diss, Wale closes with "I love my brother though/ That's why it's rest in peace to Tommy, we still bumping Cole." 

Check out the track below.