Was It Impossible For WATTBA To Live Up To Its Hype?

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Drake premiered his Future-collabed album, What A Time To Be Alive'  two nights ago on OVO Sound Radio via Beats 1.

The album was officially confirmed a day or two before its release. So many question marks came up regarding the credibility of the news and the expectations of greatness were naturally assumed.

Whether this is an official album, mixtape or just another attempt from Drake to get out of his contract with Cash Money, big revenue is definitely expected since its available on iTunes.

With the project's executive producer being no other than FBG's Metro Boomin, home field advantage for Future is inevitable. Sounding more of a Hendrix project and not really up Drake's alley, you would think he'd be the natural second option but with Drizzy being one of music's most honorable hybrids, he manages to hold down his end in the most honorable way.

The intro "Digital Dash" opens up with just what we expect to hear. Up-tempo beats and fast lyrics that Future is a "GOAT" at. Drake does a top-drawer job of coming in and effectively picking up the ATL trap tempo and flow. Drake also makes a point to shout-out his alleged ghost-writer Quentin Miller added on with some obvious sneak dissing.

"Scooter in here with the zombies, Gucci get out it's a problem. I might take Quentin to Follies,
You hate your life, just be honest."

"Big Rings" is a track that pronounces OVO & FBG as the two hottest teams in the game right now. With outstanding production, both Futche and Drizzy take shots at the competition with bragging and boastful lyrics flaunting their success.

"Man what a time to be alive
You and yours vs. me and mine
Are we talkin' teams? Are we talkin' teams?
Oh you switchin' sides? Wanna come with me?
Look at the smile on me, look at the owl on me
I do not chase girls, but they run a mile for me
Say she gon' ride for me, I'll buy the tires for you
This game is different, you only get one shot when niggas gon' foul on you" 

"Diamonds Dancing" is the love song of the album that provides that Styrofoam cup music as its had most Drake/Future fans in their feelings. If you were one of those fans looking for the softer, singing track, this one is for you.

Once again, Future brings in the bridge early and Drake comes in exploiting the title in the hook. Probably one of the best songs on the album.


"Scholarships" is led in by Future rapping the hook, speaking on the dark twisted lifestyle that comes with fame; especially when you're at the top. The gritty sound and feel of the track makes it a song that you'll find yourself unknowingly listening to.

"I wake up on a daily basis
I count this money up, I'm already rich
I go so hard with these riches
I feel in love with the dodie
I fell in love with the rollie
I wake up and pray every morning
Demons, they call my soul
I said fuck all of you hoes"
I'm ballin' outta control, I'm ballin' outta control
I'm ballin' outta control, I'm ballin' outta control"

The last four tracks of the album are really the sprinkles on the cupcake. Much like Diamond Dancing, "Change Locations" is another soft sound that can be played and appreciated in any environment.

With this one produced by OVO's Noel, the same technique is used as Future comes in with the bridge/pre-hook and with Drizzy introducing the hook. There is no doubt that this was an OVO-produced track, that distinct sound is highly projected.

Drake and Future did not disappoint in terms of touching all of their styles that their fans and listeners love to hear.

"Jumpman" is one of the more popular songs this far on the tape, it's full with lyrics and a beat that might have you doing the "Cooking dance" whereever you may be at the time.

"Jumpman, Jumpman, I don't need no introduction
Jumpman, Jumpman, Metro Boomin on production, wow
Hundred cousins out in Memphis they so country, wow
Tell her stay the night, valet your car, come fuck me now
Jumpman, Jumpman, live on TNT I'm flexing (ooh!)
Jumpman, Jumpman they gave me my own collection (ooh!)
Jump when I say jump, girl can you take direction? (Ooh!)
Mutombo with the bitches, you keep getting rejected (Woo!)"

In the last two tracks, Jersey and 30 for 30 (Freestyle), the two part ways and do their own thing to finish off the OVOFBG experience.

Future gives us a post - DS2 track as Drizzy gives us a prelude to his upcoming and highly anticipated album, Views From The 6.

Drake takes one more (and hopefully the last) shot at his most recent opposition Meek Mill as he dedicates another 4 minutes to air out his feelings. This is definitely a "vintage" Drake track.

Never thought I'd be talking from this perspective
But I'm not really sure what else you expected
When the higher-ups have all come together as a collective
With conspiracies to end my run and send me a message
40, did you get the message?
Cause I just checked my phone and I didn't get it
I mean, I say hats off for a solid effort
But we didn't flinch for a second, we got our shit toge
Yeah, not here to fight wars
But niggas wanna talk high scores

WATTBA would have never lived up to the hype that it got since it's announcement a week ago.

Social media has its way of overhyping and saturating projects before its release, which ultimately leads into "disappointment". This isn't anywhere close to a "Watch The Throne" but an effective collaboration of the two hottest artist in the game and an above average project none the less.

With this legendary collaboration taking only less than a week to record, anticipation for Drake's upcoming solo album (VFT6) has grown even higher.

Rather you were hoping for more of a trap tape or a softer listen, WATTBA will send any listener home happy. Big ups to Executive Producer, Metro Boomin for an outstanding job on the boards.