Watch: Blitz The Ambassador - "Running" (Video)

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Dropping the third and final installment to his video trilogy, Blitz The Ambassadorreleases the breathtaking visual "Running", self-directed by himself. Being shot in Salvador, Bahia gives us every reason to pinpoint Blitz's inspiration due to the surroundings in the video.

Blitz tells Okayplayer: 

“The biggest challenge as a director was the language barrier. I spoke no Portuguese and my cast and crew spoke very little English. We had to come up with non-verbal ways of communicating, which I think ended up being good for the story.”

And if you haven't seen the previous two installments to his Diasporadical Trilogia effort, do so by clicking - “JuJu Girl” and “Shine“.

Always delivering precise bar-flow, witty metaphors and punchlines while telling the story, Blitz The Ambassador takes the listener on journey. Followed by his signature sounds of blaring trumpets, tribal percussion and a dope Hip Hop beat. It's not hard to notice the genius of Blitz, let alone miss it.

Check out "Running" for yourself above, and be sure to leave your comments below.