WATCH: Marv Mack - Own Crib (Official Video)

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Marv Mack got a shorty with her "Own Crib", and he's never been the same since. Making it's debut on Russell Simmons' All Def Digital Channel, the Philly rhyme-spitter takes a unique approach with the visuals to this record, illustrating a day in the life of linking up with a girl who got her own humble abode in the city. And of course, he glorifies the liberty it brings - as most men will.

I mean, who wouldn't?

Things take an interesting twist in plot as things don't appear like what they seem to be. And just when it was getting good - "pop" goes the balloon.

It was worth a try bruh.

Watch the short video above which is creatively orchestrated to entertain and help you catch a few laughs in the process. Hear more from Marv Mack via his Soundcloud.

own crib art work