West Orlando's Woop Talks With Hypefresh About His Present, Past and Future

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Woop is one of the most talented rising artists coming out of West Orlando. In his short career, he has teamed up with Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates, PeeWee Longway, Young Scooter and even collaborated with the Migos for the remix of their hot single, "Go Away". The future is bright for Woop as his main objective is to show the world what Orlando is really like.

HYPEFRESH’s Che', (@chehova__),recently got a chance to talk with Woop on how he plans on fullfilling his mission, his present accomplishments, and where he sees himself in the future.


Che`: You said you wanted to show people what Orlando is really like, not their idea. What do you mean by that? And how do you feel you can do that?

Woop: When people think of Orlando they think of Disney World, that's for tourist. I want to show people the other side, everything is West Orlando and I just want to show people the real part.

Che`: What was is it like growing up there? What obstacles did you face growing up there?

Woop: You know Florida is known for like athletes and sides like the Trailer Park. You know, the same thing the next person would go through. Lose a couple of homies, jail, a lot of jail because the police down here don't play. Whatever going on in your area that's what's going on everyday.

Che`: You used to play sports growing up. So at what point did you realize, "I want to take music more seriously"? And Why?

Woop: Everybody in Florida plays sports for the most part; some good, some aren't you know? But Sh*t, [music] helped me stay out of trouble. I just got out of jail before I even did any music. I beat some serious cases, some real serious cases. It helped me change my mind and focus on more, I could actually do something with this. We were under the impression that nobody from Orlando would make it. But for me, it made me look at it like maybe this could work.

Che`: You've collaborated with a good number of popular artist like Kevin Gates, Bobby Shmurda, Yo Gotti and even the Migos. How did you manage to network with so many different artists so soon in your career? And what kind of advice did they give you moving forward?

Woop: A couple reached out to me. Half of them didn't know who I was at first but just wanted to reach out to someone from West Orlando. But it was a pleasure and big for me to be able to work with so many people. But them folks didn't give me any advice really, [laughs] you know how it go.

Che`: With your mixtape dropping at the end of this month (IDGAF), talk about the process and stages on perfecting it before fans hear it.


Woop: Yeah the 26th of this month, I'm just waiting for a few things to come back. But I put it all in there, I'm expecting good feedback from it. I'm just walking through West Orlando and talking about what's going on.

Che`: I heard the original "Go Away" and thought it was a tough track. How did the Migos end up on the "Go Away" remix?

Woop: You know we never really spoke on it. I didn't even know they were going to do it. I appreciate it but I didn't know. I reached out to them and they never responded then my manager and their manager spoke and said they were going to knock out the track and I was like "Damn".

Che`: What are some long term and short term goals that you hope to achieve?

Woop: I just want to take it as far as it can go, that's the long term goal. Short term goal I just want to get all of my business right and stuff and make sure everything gets done the right way. Also, make the most out of every situation.

Che`: And what has influenced you up to now? And who would you like to work with in the future?

Woop: Future, Gucci Mane, people who I used to listen to growing up. The ones I can look back and be like "Damn, I worked with them". Music wasn't my thing at first, I used to do me.

Che`: You also said that you wanted to own a record label, does that mean you'll remain independent in order to chase that dream?

Woop: Yea, you know I think when the situation comes, that's best for me and my family but I'll stay independent if it takes me to the next level.

Che`: And what kind of people do you like to have around in order for you to make it to the next level?

Woop: I got my circle that I've been running with since day one. People who want to see the city do better. I'm in it for the city, so anybody who wants to put on for the city, I'm with it.

Che`: This time next year where do you see yourself?

Woop: Out west somewhere, somewhere I know where the music is at. Where I can shake hands with the best of them. I want to be in the area where I can put my music in the right peoples faces. They gone respect me and respect the music.