When Pimpin' Was Super Smooth... A Free Music History Lesson

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Being a 26 year old man in America, there are a few things i've missed (naturally) in the progress of my life. Apparently, before I was born, the world was a velvet carpet, with men, in tight, multi-colored leotards and large afros who could talk a woman out her clothes (literally). Yeah, their game was that damn tight. The Whispers was one of the many that proved me right.

"Olivia" recaps a story of a woman who was simply walking to her "Grandma's House" and was strayed off course by a "wolf in sheeps clothing"... Probably a pimp or a gigolo who needed some cash to buy a new Cadillac. And surprisingly, his game was SO good, the beautiful woman converted her lifestyle instantly, being his sex slave -- ultimately helping the pimp get his new car.

What ever happened to Grandma's house? Did she ever make it? Sad to say, I don't think so. It seems as though the pimpin swallowed poor Olivia into the depths of the darkness. Listen to the lyrics to this song, and take a lesson from the old heads on the block. Courtesy of HF®.