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Whip and Nae Nae Originators Famous 2 Most Release Their Debut Mixtape

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Signed to acclaimed super-producer Bangladesh, Atlanta rap duoFamous 2 Most are the originators of international dance sensations the "Whip" and "Nae Nae." Famous 2 Most rappers PJ and Hasani's heavily engaged Instagram following helped skyrocket their party moves into two of the year's biggest dance crazes.

While the quick rise to prominence may be surprising to some, Bangladesh feels like the whole world is finally seeing what he saw a long time ago. "I met Hasani when he was 13, and I seen his dance video and knew immediately he was gonna be a star," Bangladesh told VIBE in their premiere of Famous 2 Most's self-titled debut mixtape. "All I saw back then was a young Chris Brown. Years later we crossed paths again then I seen he was dancing, rapping, AND producing?! He was rolling with PJ and the chemistry was crazy."

The release of Famous 2 Most's self-titled mixtape follows their sharing of video singles "Too Many" and "Z.A.N.Z." "We wanted [the video] to be super dope, fun, full of energy," Famous 2 Most told The FADER,who debuted therambunctious "Too Many" video where Famous 2 Most were joined by twerk team ICandyTwerkers.

Prior to "Too Many," the energetic duo shared the dizzying drug-rap anthem "Z.A.N.Z." via AllHipHop. Famous 2 Most's mixtape was executive produced by the Grammy Award-winning Bangladesh, whose credits include Ludacris' "What's Your Fantasy," Kelis' "Bossy," and Lil Wayne's "A Milli." With more than 140k Instagram followers between the two of them, PJ and Hasani are determined to show the world that they each have a lot to offer.

"We feel like if the whole world is this excited about that one tiny aspect of what we do on a daily bases, we know that the world is probably going to explode once they get a taste of the entire package of dances, music, fashion, and extreme partying that we bring to the table."