Who Made Meek Mill Take Down "Wanna Know' From Soundcloud?

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Where did Meek Mill's Drake diss track titled "Wanna Know" go? It's no longer on Soundcloud.

Luckily the Meek Mill vs. Drake feud seems to be over. However, seriously, where is that track?

Here are several different scenarios:

    • The WWE forced Meek Mill to take down the track since he used The Undertaker's theme song in the intro and they previously released a statement say that they take their intellectual property rights very seriously.
    • Nicki Minaj had something to do with it, now that would be interesting
    • Meek Mill is simply done with the beef and takes the L, yes this is possible.

    There could be other reasons but I could definitely see one of above ones. Well, while Meek Mill continues his tour, Drake will continue to make profit off of his diss tracks, which both are charted on Billboard...win/win? I think not.