Why "Can't" Anyone F*&# With Pharaoh Dinero?

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Pharaoh Dinero. Probably one the most confident, positive, upcoming artists we've spoken to in a while now. With his newest independent release "Can't" - which already has gained significant buzz on YouTube (and many other social media networks), it's obvious as to why he made this record.

"The response from the people who listened to my material, said that n*ggaz couldn't f*%* with what i'm putting out... Says Dinero calmly on the other end of the phone. "Compared to what people consider hot in a Hip Hop sense, I just made a track based off the honest reactions of listeners." And based off of the response from HYPEFRESH® music editors and staff, we would have to agree.

Pharaoh Dinero is straightforward in his explanations. He's a "Straight, No Chaser" kinda of a guy. "After dropping this record, now I gotta be consistent. And every track after this has to be 100% better - each time." Under the circumstances of moving from his hometown in NYC, to Philadelphia when he was 15 years of age, Pharaoh has alot more to prove, with such little time between days.

 The man himself. The Pharaoh of all Dinero.

The man himself. The Pharaoh of all Dinero.

"I'm constantly looking for an audience to connect with... To love what i'm doing, and what i'm about to do. I'm moving around from city to city, just growing my fan-base... And doing it independently at that." Rocking out previous venues and shows in Philly - including the TLA on South Street, Pharaoh is progressively doing just that. And now, he's dropping hit records every chance he gets.

The video above was directed by Nell On The Cam, who perfectly shoots the idealistic rendition of what visuals should match the song. Pharaoh, who walks through a large cathedral (somewhere in Center City, Philadelphia) spits bar after bar while also showing off his singing skills (via the hook) with a heavily commercialized "Auto Tune" preset. Okay, so he's not best singer, we get that. But he gets his point across, and that's really all that matters - because the record is flames.

Also, we have to keynote the infectious and catchy production work from Young Pro. This guy went crazy when he made this record - in our opinion. Every kick and snare rolls perfectly in sync with the quantized hi-hats that add a "Drake-ish" pop feel to the thumping Hip Hop rhythmic bottom. All in all, this producer got skills and a professional's touch at that.

 Its the iconic shots like these we crown Nell On The Cam for.

Its the iconic shots like these we crown Nell On The Cam for.

"I'll be putting more work out in the near future... But in the meantime, i'ma let the Hip Hop game know why they can't F*#% with me. *Chuckles*." 

But the big question is left for our readers... "Do you F$#* with Pharaoh Dinero?" Check his video out above and feel free to leave your comments and feedback in the section below.