Why Drake's PR & Marketing Team Are The Real MVPs

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why drake pr and marketing team are the real mvps

You must have been under a rock if you haven't read or heard about the recent events via social media concerning Meek Mills and Drake.

Let's be clear there's been opinions all across the board on everything from Meeks tweets on Twitter to Drake's replies.

The purpose of this post is not to establish whose side I am on in this "beef"; the purpose of this post is to highlight how well Drake and his team responded to handling this situation. When you are considered to be a talented and popular rap artist in your genre, you are most definitely in a crisis. Do you respond or say nothing?

What do you do? Everyone is watching. .

From a PR perspective; Meek Mill's accusation threatened Drake's reputation, position, and business. Recognizing this Drake's team responded in an impressive manner and with timing..

Responding through a track was brilliant! As a rapper, it only makes sense that you respond to allegations of not writing your own tracks through releasing an actual track. Plus he waited and released it with perfect timing.

The Crisis Management strategy used was:

Public Opinion.

Public Opinion has a great influence on how a crisis unfolds. In the case of Meek Mill versus Drake, public opinion benefitted Drake. Meek's goal backfired.

Next time you want to use a method of attacking a person's credibility; make sure you have strong enough legs to stand on once public opinion comes for you.