Why Meek Mill Is Doing Everything Wrong For His Brand

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Meek Mill made shots at Drake, and now he is making shots at Wale. And by making shots at them, he is making shots at his own personal brand. So, what exactly is he doing wrong? Well we asked Publicist Lindsey Walker.

Erin Simon: From a PR perspective, what is MeekMill doing wrong?
Lindsey Walker: He not only went at Drake but he also went at Wale. It appears that MeekMill has too much time on his hands that is causing him to ruin relationships with people that he should be building with i.e. Wale and Drake. Meek could go so much further in his career if he chose to collaborate with two of the music industry's prominent rappers instead he is calling them out on social media, hurting his reputation, sales and more.

ES: As a publicist, what would you do for damage control to fix up the situation?
LW: As a publicist because he is a celebrity with quite a bit of leverage, the solution to the situation is limited access. His PR team should hire a social media manager, change his passwords, etc.

ES: Is there a way that MeekMill can fix his brand image? If so what would you tell him to do?
LW: At this point, the only way to fix his brand image is if he stopped tweeting/talking about artists that have a much bigger platform than he does. He seems to be like a child begging for attention, recognition or something of the sort. It seems as if he feels entitled, like the music industry owes him something. The best way to turn it around is for him to let his music, lyrics and artistry speak for him. He also needs to learn to let things go.

ES: What was the biggest mistake that MeekMill made during the Drake incident and during his incident with Wale?
LW: The biggest mistake that he made during the Drake incident was not "clapping back enough". Meek waited to put his diss out, meanwhile Drake already had two. "Back to Back," pun intended. That's like picking a fight with someone and letting them win. Meek's first mistake was ranting about Drake in the first place. Wale and Meek are label mates...anything that they have to discuss should be behind closed doors, period.

ES: Is saying nothing a good solution?
LW: Yes, sometimes artists should just keep their mouths closed. At the end of the day, the entertainment industry is all about politics. You don't fight with Twitter rants and Facebook wars. As the saying goes, kill them with kindness and I'd like to add let your music and fans fight for you.