Wiz Khalifa Disapproves Kanye West Changing Album Title To "Waves"

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Last night, Kanye West announced that the album formally known as SWISH will now be entitled WAVES. Fans reacted to the news with approval saying they like the new title better. On the other hand, Wiz Khalifa voiced his opinion about the new name, and he does not seem to be in support of it.

Wiz enlightened his followers on the "Wave" movement and that it originated from the incarcerated Max B in the mid 2000's. He then showed examples of Max's work, so fans can know "what true waves are." Listening to the songs you can tell that Max's melodic rap style influenced Wiz's sound. "He's the reason I sing on all of my songs," he tweeted. "That's the wave. If theres nothing with that sound ITS NOT WAVY."

Kanye did acknowledge Max B in a later tweet, but Wiz was not impressed. Check out the full series of tweets below.