Pharaoh Dinero's 'Words From a King' is Exceptionally Written

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We re-introduce Philadelphia mic torturer - Pharaoh Dinero.

Coming back with his newest single 'Words From a King", the clever bar spitter delivers an emotional record which covers his triumphs over defeat in his quest to to reign in the Hip Hop/Rap industry.

On this track Dinero touches sensitive issues about his family struggles, personal goals, street grinding and the disadvantages of being African - American in America. Purely a diary entry to the pages of his book. Spitting over a Lil Wayne instrumental, this record is bound to impress.

Check it out for yourself and don't forget to leave your thoughts below. Also, follow this artist on Twitter for updates on new releases.


Words// Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH®

Source:Pharaoh Dinero's Soundcloud