World Premiere: Jeremy Chi - "Fly"

Check out Jeremy Chi's World Premiere Video: "Fly".
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Jeremy Fly looks to set himself apart from everyone else with his latest single "Fly".

Jeremy Fly looks to set himself apart from everyone else with his latest single "Fly".

Hip-hop expressionist and rapper Jeremy Chi is set to release the debut single “Fly” off his forthcoming EP “Spilluminati” on Friday, Sept. 30 after being signed by international music agency and record label DEFDISCO in January of this year. A recent Fort Worth transplant, Chi grew up on the south side of Chicago and was introduced by his late brother Wesley to hip-hop icons such as Cassidy, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, Andre 3000, and Kanye West before losing him to gang violence in 2008. With mind blowing, intense lyrics, Chi’s forthcoming EP was recorded at ACD Studios in Euless, Texas and engineered by Chad Scarlett AKA Weight of the World (Lil Flip/Lil Keke).

 “It’s the return of The Mack basically,” Chi said of the inspiration behind his new single, “I’m bringing back that Puff Daddy and Jay Z late ‘90s, early 2000s style. When my brother came home from his tour in Iraq, I was introduced to real hip-hop. Since then, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.”

Chi credits his brother-slash-manager Rick G. as his biggest musical influence growing up and grew up in a religious household. Always the musician, he started off writing gospel songs, and then moved on to edgier R&B tracks. After his brother Rick returned from a tour in Iraq in 2004, Chi began writing rhymes and recording them on his mother’s karaoke machine in Chicago. The process of writing songs has always flowed easily for the up-and-coming hip-hop artist. With verses constantly racing through his mind, he looked up to industry legends like Jay Z, searching for a way to form a style that was his own. Tired of running the streets looking for trouble and inclined to escape the constant gang violence in their neighborhood, Chi and his family relocated to Fort Worth in 2008 and formed a group called MBK (My Brother’s Keeper), leading to regular performances around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Jeremy Chi.

Jeremy Chi.

“We’re really pleased to have Jeremy as part of our family of artists,” said Barry Gilbey, Label Relations at DEFDISCO. “I’m personally a huge fan of his music and can’t wait to let everyone hear it! The DEFDISCO team is excited about releasing his first single, ‘Fly.’”

“Spilluminati,” Chi’s forthcoming EP, is his way of showing his individuality as a hip-hop artist and ultimately sprung from a slang term he and his friend made up years ago, “spill.” Chi brought local hip-hop artists 199$crilla and Lux in to collaborate with him on his new single “Fly.” The hip-hop expressionist has shared the stage with artists such as Bun B, Paul Wall, Trae The Truth, Slim Thug, Dorrough, and YUNG NATION. The hip-hop expressionist also frequents rap battles in his hometown of Fort Worth in a “Live From The Block” battle league led by fellow rapper Osama Tha great.

Jeremy Chi.

Jeremy Chi.

Based on one of his OG classic movies “Uptown Saturday Night,” Chi’s “Fly” music video is meant to be fun and playful. Produced and shot by LuMedia and featuring Chi’s brothers Rick G. and Skeegy Folks, the video was shot by Brady James and is slated for release this September.

Jeremy Chi’s debut single “Fly” is set to be released worldwide on international music agency and record label DEFDISCO on Friday, Sept. 30. The album will be available for purchase via iTunes, the artist’s website and through major online retailers. For more information on the hip-hop expressionist, please visit

Some of our staff got the chance to ask Jeremy Chi questions, about his upcoming project. Read below:

1. What type of sound/ production can we expect from your album ?         

Picture Kanye West arrogance and aggressiveness on the beats/hooks as well as Timbaland's bounce sound. I try and keep it grooving throughout the whole album. Songs like "Where I Go" will tell a dark story of my trials and tribulations transitioning from the streets to making music a career path.

2. Which artist heavily influenced you while starting out in the music industry ?           

Jay-Z I felt kinda like raised me his hustle to me is unmatched he's the GOAT, Greatest Of All Time. See I didn't have a father growing up so naturally when I grew old enough to figure out what type of man I wanted to be he was like the father I never had. His music I could listen to all day he puts you in game basically you'll get some type of knowledge listening to him speak or rap either way. That amazed me as a teen, I think I molded my early career on him I mirrored his mannerisms from his "Uh Huhs" to his wordplay "Rappers get nasty in the booth but I'm grosser I can’t even stomach myself, ulcer!". He was and still is the total package. He made everyone around him millionaires even if they didn't admit it. That's what I plan on doing with my team. Jay-Z is my inspiration, my father figure, my mentor even tho he doesn't know it yet he's the reason there is a Jeremy Chi.

3. What statement are you looking to make after your project drops ? 

Basically that as a hip hop artist there is no boundaries. I believe my versatility is top tier I can make you go thru every emotion possible if that's what you want. I can take you to a party, to church, the strip club, make love, the players ball, the wedding chapel and hell and heaven all in one body of work and I believe that's what's beautiful about my style, I'm the Kellz of my craft... Always changing and evolving my style, sound, and approach. When my album Spilluminati drops you will basically be on a tour of my city of Chicago and what was going thru my mind during this time.

Stream "Fly" here via his Soundcloud.