WWE May Sue Meek Mill For Using Undertaker Theme Song in Diss Track

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meek mill may be sued by WWE for the undertaker sample

Meek Mill dug a deeper hole when he sampled The Undertaker's entrance song in his Drake diss track, "Wanna Know".

And because of that, the WWE may take legal action against him...I wonder if it has to do with the negative reviews around the track too. He really can't get a break.

"WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we're looking into the matter," WWE spokesperson told TMZ.

All of this comes at the heel of Meek Mill's unsuccessful diss track, which caused a big stir. Ja Rule, Lil Kim, Soulja Boy and even professional athletes made not so good remarks and comments.

Will Meek Mill be able to come out of this alright or did this do a great amount of damage to his reputation and career?