HF Premiere: Xavier Unleashes A New Visual Following Up To His Lastest LP, "Bringing Back The Elephant"

This one is for all my n*ggas... yours too
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Xavier of Top Floor Music Group debuted his latest album drop, "Bringing Back The Elephant" just about a full month ago. Now, with the music resonating upon fans and newcomers, he's ready to return to the scene with new material. 

Xavier is from the west coast, Southern California, to be exact, but in his latest visual presentation, "All My Niggas," he travels to the other side of the nation to illustrate his lyricism and portray his meaning. 

Hip-Hop music has always been something that masses relate to, more so, because it allows listeners to relate to the artist as well as one another. Though ,any negative connotations have attached themselves to this vast genre of music, at the end of the day, it has always done one important thing--bring people together. 

In his new video, Xavier rounds up all the homies to show love. They travel through the streets of NYC, captivating moments of vivid imagery and the essence of New York City. The soundtrack to this new offering allows Xavier to provide classically charged lyrics, ironically enough right in the heart of where Hip-Hop was born. 

When you do it for the city and for your people, it's all love. This one's for all my n*ggas. Watch the video below and if you have yet to purchase his project, "Bringing Back The Elephant," you can purchase here.

Watch the video here below!