The dance-pop purveyors are kicking off 2018 with a tour!

Originating in Portland, Oregon and now based out of Los, Angeles, California, dance-pop band YACHT will begin the new year taking their act on the road in support of their 2017 EP Strawberry Moon on the "2018 TOUR".

We're looking forward to the band's pit-stop in Philadelphia January 18th at Johny Brenda's. In previous tours, Jona Bechtolt's live performances have included self-dancing and PowerPoint presentations, so it'll be interesting to see what YACHT has up its sleeve this tour.

The band consists of Bechtolt, 37 from Madison, Wisconsin, and lead-singer Claire L. Evans, with Rob Kieswetter, from Nevada, City, California, frequently joining the duo on the road while on tour as a part of the backing band.


The band's latest EP, their fourth release, is the follow up to I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler, released in 2015 on Downtown Records, receiving two Webby Awards nominations. After a year of inactivity in 2016, the band's back better than ever.

A pop polemic about online culture, animal rights, and the deep loneliness of failure, Strawberry Moon, released last October, was made available on all streaming platforms in conjunction with a cryptic Facebook post.

"A lot has happened since the last time YACHT released music," YACHT said in the post. "It’s a different world. We’ve been wrapping our heads around it, and one of the only things that makes sense is doing what we love, with the people we love. So that’s what we’ve been doing."

"So that’s what we’ve been doing," YACHT said. "The result is this: five songs we call “Strawberry Moon,” which are all out today. We made these for ourselves and for the *heads.* We made no concessions. We made them for fun. We made them with our best friends. We made them from a raw place.

While it's unclear what the band was referencing since they last released music, it's clear they're ready to provide their fans with new music, moving forward. But in 2016, the band received backlash for a fake sex tape scandal. (Hmm.)

My favorite track from the EP, "Hard World", provides OG fans a hint of nostalgia after YACHT's year of inactivity. A dance-pop track, a theme in YACHT's music, the song keeps listeners upbeat throughout its duration, while Evans' introspective vocals blend well on the beat.

"If everything’s alive, then here's the kicker," Evans said on the track. " We hurt what we can’t see, they’re terrorized just ‘cause we’re bigger."

A close second, another track I love off the EP is "Stawberry Moon".

With just under 20,000 Twitter followers and just over 70,000 Facebook likes, YACHT, paired with just over 3 million YouTube views and just over 60,000 Soundcloud followers, over the years, have built a steady, loyal fan base. 

Interestingly, the band came together after Bechtolt was set to release his 2009 album See Mystery Lights. Bechtolt, a musician and multimedia artist, collaborated with Evans on the album, leading to its critical acclaim by fellow media outlets Pitchfork for best new music and New York Times as critic's choice in 2009, respectively.

As a teenager, Bechtolt began playing music, opting not to attend high school and instead toured with his older brother Joel and his punk band, Allegro.

Evans said to Mother Jones she joined YACHT after a "magical experience". Interestingly, Evans, like Bechtolt, possess' a great stage presence as well, having been dubbed a "neo-Annie Lennox "by New York Times. In addition, NPR referred to Evans as "one of the most striking performers I've seen in a rock band". To round things out, Evans is a science journalist while not recording music. (Fancy!)

It appears the band is ready to get back to simply recording and performing music. You can purchase tickets for the tour here.