After finding solace in a dim vocal booth from a four- year relationship that did not end well, Yasmeen's music is a sonic reflection of the pain and vulnerability experienced after heartbreak.

Hailing from both Phoenix and Detroit, Yasmeen's vocal prowess mixed with her emotional lyrical undertone is something that we have not heard of for quite some time. And now, she is back to display her authentic sultry talents in the form of "Half of Me." With production from Distant Cousins and lyrics by Yasmeen and Rashied Arekat, the track is the definition of incendiary genius and authentic creative soundwaves. 

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The acoustic version of Half of Me is a super honest portrayal of how, Yasmeen felt when she met her exes girlfriend for the first time. It happened one night in the studio. While working on another song, she felt the need to do something more stripped back musically. Something more real and honest. She wanted to let out the raw emotions, of letting her ex go, and how meeting his new girlfriend forced those feelings onto paper. Her manager, heard the song, and said it was her best vocal performance. Take a listen now.

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