ymtk Debuts IAMSU! Assisted Record, "No Rest (West Coast)"

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"When Zach (Ekzakt) & I were making the beat, it was one of the last songs we made in our old studio. I had recently gotten back from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil & was still on a bouncy island vibe. Throughout the year I was doing a lot of traveling, a few tropical spots like Rio, Maui like 3 times & Waikiki. I was also hitting the Bay Area a lot, which is home, as well as Seattle & SD to do shows & hang out. All this bouncing around was fresh on my brain & that top line melody Ekzakt played was so dope, I just started humming the melody for the hook. It came out hella fast, pause, & was so fun & clever I just kept saying it in my head ha. Ekzakt let me throw a baseline on the beat, which I'm hella proud of obviously for implementing in the story ; ) & from there we just mobbed!! Song was done shortly after.

Su (Iamsu!) came into play because, 1st of all he's such an incredible talent & happens to be my homie, but also because he was doing hella traveling at the time, headlining his own tour & spot dates all around the country but especially killing the west coast. It seemed like a fun song for us to collab on that made sense so I sent it to him & he told said it was a blap he'd definitely be down to bless... Boom, next time I was in the Bay he & I linked up at my homie Rexx Life Raj's lab (quick plug Raj's new album 'Father Figure' is a classic & he & I have a collab EP otw that's FIRE!!! #emojigoats haha) Su dropped the verse hella fast before he & I went out & got pretty lit that night haha. Cool parties w/cool people & No Rest on the West Coast. The End, enjoy!!"


Listen below and stay tuned for ymtk's nearing collective, All The Right Places.