Young Savage Talks Faith, And His Independent Career Choice

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In an earlier unreleased interview with Young Savage, the rising Philadelphia Emcee is making local headlines. Numerous topics were touched within a fifteen minute conversation. However, there were a few points that out shined them all.

What's your motivation for remaining independent as a recording artist?

As i'm stepping closer to the mainstream industry, i'm learning and seeing a lot behind the scenes. I'm noticing how the labels are being ran and what goes into it. Me personally, i'm a true artist. I love to create. As long as I can touch the people the way I want to through my craft, I don't mind staying independent - making my own money and moves. Whatever is best for me, is the route ill take.

Wow, thats awesome.

Even if I eventually get signed to a future major label, if i'm able to maintain my creative control??? I'm good. And of course, not getting jerked on my music, or money to support my family - i'm good.

But as of now, i'm doing it on my own to get my work out to the people directly.

The mainstream industry has a way of tricking out talented rising artists.

Oh, I know. However, I always throw God into my plans. God has control over it all, you know? I'ma keep good, honest people around me, and keep it Trill. I know i'ma be good.

Faith in God is extremely important if your planning on moving forward in the mainstream.

As long as I put God first, i'll always be loved by him. Because I have faith in him and work hard, i'm reaping the benefits. Because of my faith, I'm letting go and just creating from the strength of my craft. I don't worry about 'trying' to make hit records. And believe me, it works.

And by doing so, your a positive influence on the people.

It's all about motivation. By telling my story through my music, i'm empowering the listeners of my music. Especially the kids that look up to me, seeing me out here working.


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