Young Thug Implied He's Michael Jackson and Future's Tito Jackson

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Yesterday, Metro Boomin discouraged all rappers from trying to emulate Future's trend of dropping a large quantity of new music at a fast rate.

He said that rappers should stick to focusing on making the best music possible as opposed to trying to overwhelm listeners with supbar material.

"Moral of the story is," he said, "putting out 5 tapes in a year won't make you heat up like Future. That was just his path. It's not for everyone. Just take all the hardest songs from the 5 tapes you plan on dropping, and make 1 tape full of fire."

Though Metro didn't name any artists in particular, Young Thug took offense to his rant asking him on Twitter to "put some names on that shit lil boy." Thugger Thugger then went on to compare himself to Michael Jackson implying that Future is Tito Jackson.

Check out Thug's tweets below. Do you think Metro Boomin was referring to Young Thug? Could this possibly mean we will never get the MetroThuggin project?