Young Thug Talks Beef With Plies, Kanye West and Announces Date For SS3

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Young Thug isn't necessarily big on interviews, especially with the majority of his controversies going without reason...until now.

In a rare interview with Sway in The Morning, Thug answers a hefty list of questions that not only Sway but Young Thug fans want to know.

He talks about fashion, lyrics and his current relationships with Rich Homie Quan and Birdman since the split of Rich Gang. Thug also touches on his beef with Plies, Lil Wayne's bus shooting and his most recent achievement, working with Mr. Kanye West.

Thug explains what made him start rapping back in 2007 and why his family is his motivation. He elaborates on his alternative style in hip-hop, what makes him different from the rest and even the ones before him. In the clip he also states that Lil Wayne was the only rapper he listened to for the most part.

Thug on Lil Wayne:

“That’s my idol. I really wont beef with him. No matter what he say, gay, he can do whatever he wanna do. I will not beef with this man.”

We also have a cemented date for his highly anticipated Slime Season 3 tape which is scheduled for 2.5.2016.