RISING: The Talented Zhé Aqueen

She's on the path of breakout international success. Here's why we believe so.
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Zhé Aqueen (Richmond, VA) is delivering a sound that hasn't been heard in several years since the early 2000's. Infusing Pop with Soul R&B - her modernized approach to stay relevant is arguable. Some may call it a desperate cry for attention. We simply call it genius. In an era where most artists follow the blueprint to success, Zhé Aqueen is rebelling against the script and carving her own plans to the top.

In her latest effort - "Aphrodisiac", (which can be heard above) Aqueen brings forth an uncanny vocal performance over the slightly upbeat yet rhythmic chord progression embedded within the production. It's a record that's bittersweet - one half of you screams, while the remaining portion is calm. You love what you hear to the ear, but instantly want to hear "more". And when we say "more" we mean music, not effort.

Anyone would agree that the sound of the past has paved the way. Yet somehow, the new generation of creatives have deviated away from it's structure, shifting the culture. When Bryson Tiller, The WKND, or PND plays through your speakers, you don't identify with anything nostalgic. When Aqueen's soulful sound permeates your treble cups - you feel satisfied in mind, body and soul. Your hand is reaching for the rewind button, in disbelief that you just heard history in the present.


And while her vocals are 2016, her production is a blend of everything we know and love. Bass-lines, percussion, chords, harmonies, riffs and most important - character. And of course, throw a sprinkle of sultry sparkle in the mix and behold - you're listening to what our parents used to call "music".

The point we're conveying? Simply put - Zhé Aqueen is taking us back to school. Music isn't supposed to numb the brain. It's designed to stimulate, awaken and enlighten. We don't get these feelings often, so we simply keep our mouths shut. In this case, we're witnessing history before it's making. Legendary before the glory. Timeless as much as it is classic. Something this generation wouldn't know much about. 

But honestly - that's the beauty of it all

Keep a close eye out for Zhé Aqueen here at hypefresh. We have a strong feeling she'll be flooding your timelines soon.