3 Reasons Scribecash Should Be In Your Playlist

Can you deny our reasoning? Of course you can't.
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Author: Clark Jones, hypefresh.

Scribecash is lyrically fit to grace any Hip-Hop/R&B playlist. Whether on Apple, Tidal or Spotify - her music just goes hard

The inland Empire, CA emcee, singer/songwriter and director takes her creativity to extreme heights in an era of music where mediocrity is crowned King. Hip-Hop is an instrument of rebellious verbal release, through art forms expressed through poetry. No matter the story, message or point being conveyed, one thing is clear - the rhythm hits your soul. This ultimately opens the eardrums of the listener to receive the story being told. 

Scribecash gives a variety of vibes - which is why it's hard for us to understand why we're not hearing her music in more public playlists. 

If you haven't listened to her eclectic, quirky sound as of today - please take the time watch the video below and read our three reasons below

1. For Christ's sake - her music is purely distinctive.

There's just something special about songs like "Bossy", "Body" and "Down Chick". Unlike most records being spun on the radio, Scribecash avoids the Trap Soul movement completely. Nothing against that genre, but it's getting abused at this current state in time. Instead, blends of R&B and Hip-Hop rhythms are infused with a "Neptune-ish" type swag, sprinkled with a touch of raw, unfiltered talent.

2. She's an obvious triple threat.

Singing, songwriting and rhyming? Sounds like a Canadian fellow the world knows very well. (Drake, for those who didn't know that answer.) Female emcees are normally put in a box. Redefining that square she'd normally get boxed in, her versatility will make you want more. It's refreshing to hear an independent artist do it all. We love features, but we'd enjoy actually listening to what an artist can actually do before twenty people hop on their 'solo' record.



3. Her Replay value is at 100%.

And without hesitation, Scribecash makes you want to hit rewind. Her songs aren't over the top in duration, yet entertainingly simple and straightforward to satisfy your fix. And when this is effectively done correctly, the album can be bumped for hours without fatigue on the brain. "Used To Party", "Bossy" and "Vibe" are great examples of this point.

Visit her Apple Music to listen, stream or buy her latest works.