WWF: The Cultural Impact

Stone Cold was perhaps the most entertaining athlete outside Jordan in the 90's.
Jerrell Carter
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Stone Cold was perhaps the most entertaining athlete outside Jordan in the 90's.

Life as an adult can be difficult, annoying, and out right challenging. Many days I find myself staring at the ceiling wondering where has my youth gone? I'm not that old but, when I start to think about all the things I've lived through I really have to take it in. After all, most of the things that happen in my lifetime is currently in a third graders history book as we speak. With all that happening in the news, sometimes I just want to close my eyes and think of the happier times.


Instantly when that happens, I find myself in front of the T.V. shouting and yelling. Why am I so hype you may ask? It was only one reason when I was nine through eleven. Something called WWF!! (Now known as WWE). Growing up wrestling was one of the most influential, scripted, and exciting sports on television. If you grew up in the 90's early 2000's, you knew it was nothing else that could replace "Raw Is War", or "Smackdown". I had the chance of being in an era when Wrestling was evolving from something someone considered stupid to household entertainment.  Even though I cannot bare to even watch wrestling now, it definitely helped to keep me out of trouble prior to my teen years.

How could you not love Stone Cold Steve Austin? The beer smuggling, foul mouth, loaner that always managed to screw authority every chance he got. Perhaps a fan favorite for years to come, Austin managed to build a bond with millions of people across the Globe on a weekly basis. It was no telling what the "Texas Rattle Snake" had up his sleeve when it came to him on the screen. From giving a russian leg sweep outside the arena, to clothes lining a fellow wrestler while in the local market. Austin for decades continue to provide an energy that is unmatched by any other wrestler to step foot in the ring.

Before Floyd Mayweather became the most egotistical athlete on television, "The Rock" had people across the nation booing the screen. Dwayne Johnson was the most electrifying man on television during his sensational run with the WWF. Night in and night out, it was his signature eyebrow, or taunting his opponent, or interrupting a commentary person. It was no limits to how inconsiderate The Rock was. From "The People's Elbow", to the "Rock Bottom", it was clear that he little to no respect regarding anyone else.

Today's wrestling is nothing compared to what it used to be. Even though I haven't watched it since early teen years, it surely has continued to entertain kids around the world. Leave your comments below, share your favorite wrestling moment.