The Disparity of Searching For Love

Does "love" truly exist in modern times?
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Does "love" truly exist in modern times?

Wherever you are in life, it's difficult. Perhaps we overreact, or make matters more complicated than necessary. But, regardless of your stance on the statement, it has become more evident than ever before that the dating scene is quite demanding. From confronting and engaging, to maintaining a simple conversation, dating can be intimidating. In a world full of ambitious singles, the word "love" holds little to no value.

Growing up, I was surrounded around several types of people: the "popular," "funny," "smart," "neutral," and "outcast." Simple characteristics classified exactly who you were in your younger years. But once we all hit a certain age, the flaws that used to identify us like "crooked tooth Barry", became a fading image. What seemed to be important factors such as new sneakers and nice clothes didn't put you in the top rankings anymore. Yes, women love intelligent, powerful, and diverse men, but what about values? Who you think is the perfect woman, can be the last person you need in your life.

The laws of attraction are often confused with what we look for in relationships. However, it does cause you to think of what really matters to you in terms of personality traits. With taking the dating scene somewhat serious, the formula for a perfect mate is few and far in between. With shows like Dr. Phil, and Maury it's safe to say that society is no where close to confirming the best ideal candidate in dating.

They say that experience is the true teacher in life. The real question is how many courses does it take until you get it right? With the dating scene looking scarce more and more everyday, the majority of people rather not deal with relationships. Being monogamous seems like the ultimate death sentence, with little to no benefit. But, for now I guess that dating sites, and blind dates will have to do until we come up with an alternate way of finding "the one".