Chance... the Actor?

Chance the Rapper is set to star in a new film coming in 2017.
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Chance the Rapper has shot up to the top of the rap game seemingly overnight. He’s put out just three projects, though each one has been an overwhelming success. Chance has done nothing but get better and better over the years, and his trilogy of albums – culminating in the May 2016 release Coloring Book – have been met with critical acclaim. Despite his current status as one of the game’s best, he appears not to be satisfied.

Rather than simply continuing to put out songs and albums, Chance has decided to take over an entirely new art form – acting.

"Chance the Actor" is set to star in a new movie that should be coming out sometime next year, according to a Twitter post from Chance. That same post also gives us a sneak peek of the film, called Slice, which has him playing some sort of pizza delivery guy in an alternate universe.

The film is by A24, the same studio behind recent breakout successes Room, The Witch, and Ex Machina. So, if Slice anything like other A24 movies, audiences should be in for a strange, intense thriller.

The fact that Slice has a great studio backing it isn’t the only exciting news either, and that's because it’s being directed by Austin Vesely. If you’re not familiar with the name, he’s better known as the guy who directed the videos for Chance’s “Angels” and his Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment cut “Sunday Candy”– two of the better music videos in recent memory. The two have put out incredible work and seem to have a great chemistry, so we’re eager to see what magic they can cook up for the big screen.

Vesely also did a full interview with RedEye Chicago back in 2015 about Slice, detailing some more information about the plot, the production process, and the inspirations behind the film, so be sure to check that out too.