How to wear jeans every day of the week

Here's how to style your favorite pair of denim for any occasion.
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Fact: everyone loves jeans. They go with everything, they’re conformable, durable, and almost always look good. However, there’s an awful lot of style “rules” that try to police when and where people can rock denim – don't listen to them. We’re here to throw all those rules out the window and let you know how to don your favorite pair on any occasion. 

How does the saying go? If there’s a will, there’s a way. Well, for those of us wanting to wear denim as much as possible, there’s definitely a way to pull it off. We cooked up a foolproof guide that’s going to show you how to get away with wearing denim every single day of the week.


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Mondays suck. There’s no way around it. The weekend’s over, you’re probably still hungover, and now you have to listen to your boss tell you what to do all day. The best bet for Mondays is wearing your most worn out, conformable jeans. Just some classic, American denim. Everyone has an old pair that, even if they don’t look the best, are basically molded to your body at this point. The goal here is to be comfortable at all costs, as this should help soften the blow of it being Monday. 



Tuesdays suck too. What do people even do on Tuesdays? I mean,  iLoveMakonnen is probably in the club all day (by himself), but for us normal people Tuesdays are usually pretty boring, and pretty low-key. We suggest you wear jeans that are the opposite of that. Yes, jeans can come in colors other than blue. No, you shouldn’t wear them often. But, if you find yourself in a rut on Tuesday mornings – throw some of these on. If done correctly it can look good and get you some added attention that’ll help spice up your Tuesday.



Ah, good old hump day. All you have to do is make it through today, because after today it becomes socially acceptable to start drinking again. So, may we suggest some stretchy jeans? Recently all the major brands have been coming out with “stretch” or “flex” or “whatever else you want to call them, they’re all basically the same” jeans that look identical to regular denim. They’re like 300 times more comfortable than jeans, so throw these on with an oversize sweatshirt and you've got the perfect outfit for making it through hump day.



Before you know it Thursday rolls around. Lucky you, you’ve got a date tonight. It’s a first date, so you don’t really know what to wear. You don’t want to be too dressy and make her feel self-conscious, but you don’t want to look like a bum either. The solution? You guessed it: denim. Dressing up the jeans and adding a sweater is perfect for dinner and a movie, a couple drinks at a bar, or anything else you might have planned for date night. It’s a super-flexible look that can be worn almost anywhere.



Finally, Friday’s here, and the weekend is fast approaching. You still have to survive one more day at the office, but it’s casual Friday so you’re in luck. Throw on whatever pair you’re feeling, a button-down shirt, and some Chelsea boots. Sure it’s casual, but it still looks put-together and keeps the same sense of upscale style that’s expected the rest of the week.



It’s the weekend, and with the weekend comes the club, and with the club comes the alcohol, and with the alcohol comes the bad decision making. This is no place for office attire. Take a page out of the streetwear manual by throwing on some Yeezys, some super distressed denim, and a dad hat, and embrace the bad decisions. It’s the weekend, that’s what it’s there for.



What happens when Sunday rolls around and you have a wedding, funeral, business meeting, or some other uber-formal event to attend? Surely there’s no way to wear jeans to something like this, right? Wrong. A dark-wash pair of jeans goes perfect with a sport coat, dress shirt and shoes, coming together to create a similarly dapper look without the discomfort of a suit.