Marking his fifth studio album.

Releasing his fifth studio album, Darkness and Light, John Legend has not been quiet about his political views in the media. When asked about the album, he says, "I try to write about universal themes and feelings, and when you get political, you lose some of that because people start aligning into camps.'

Producer Blake Mills stands behind John's 'manifesto' stating that it's John's 'long-standing devotion to social justice, the challenges and rewards of a marriage constantly in the public eye and the recent birth of his first child, Luna." Legend himself told fans exactly what he thought of the album during a Facebook live broadcast. "I think it’s my best work yet."

Following the release of of his powerful video for "Love Me Now," John Legend is taking his craft to new heights in the exploration of controversial topics and themes that plague society. The album features collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Miguel, and Brittany Howard. It also features bonus tracks "Drawing Lines," "What You Do to Me (Piano Demo)," and "Love You Anyway." 

Listen to Darkness and Light on iTunes here.