Organic and geometric harmony.

Stockholm-based Studio E.O has introduced a stunning and innovative concept for sculptural vases, titled Indefinite Vases. The idea is quite genius, fostering the relationship between two contrasting materials: round blown glass and solid clear-cut stone. Decorated with an array of flowers and springs, Studio E.O is expanding the way we associate organic and geometric forms into a beautifully symbiotic relationship.

“Working with hand-blown glass is interesting because of its indefinite and unpredictable properties,” the studio’s founder Erik Olovsson said. “Since glass is a new material for me to work with it gives an extra element of letting go of control that I like. At the time the glass is solidified in a specific form you’ve captured a moment of time.”   

The vase collection is a story fueled by seven distinct designs ranging from transparent, blurred or colored vases that are positioned between slabs of marble, granite and onyx. Beautiful in nature, the overarching message and fusion of unconventional pairings can be interpreted on a larger scale.But  for now, we won't go there. Instead, check out the galley above and head over to Studio E.O for more cool finds.